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Payment Options

We have a variety of online payment options for your convenience!

All currencies are in Canadian Dollars!

Walk-in Payment Options:

Debit Card
Certified Cheque / Money Order
Credit Card

Online Payment Options:

Certified Cheque / Money Order
Cash On Pick Up
Credit Card
Email Money Transfer

Walk-in Payment Options

Our options for a walk-in payment are; Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card, Certified Cheque/Money Order*

* Customers can drop off cheques or money orders at our warehouse location, but order will still require time to verify them.

Certified Cheque / Money Order

For administrative purposes we cannot accept personal cheques from our customers. We only accept certified cheques and money orders. We process cheques from government and educational institutes immediately without any delay.

A certified cheque has to be purchased from your bank or financial institute.

Money orders can be purchased from either the bank or a postal office.

Make the certified cheque or money order out to:

MegaDisc Store

And send it to:

MegaDisc Store
375 HWY 47
Goodwood, Ontario
L0C 1A0

Cash On Pick Up

Select this option when you check out, it allow you check out without paying, you will be ask to pay when you pick up your order.

Credit Card (VISA & Master Card)

Once you complete checkout and enter your credit information on our secured page, we will process your payment and ship your order within 48 hours. Your credit card statement will read "MegaDisc Store"

To avoid delays, it is important that we have the correct billing address on the card. If the wrong information is provided we will cancel the order and notify you.

Email Money Transfer

(Canadian Residents only!)

Payments not received within 72 hours of being placed will be canceled.

How to pay:

The details below assume you already bank online at one of the 5 major Canadian banks. BMO Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank, Scotiabank, CIBC, TD Canada Trust

1. Go to or log into your personal banking web site to begin.

2. Initiate the Email Money Transfer using the following information in the fields that are requested of you:

Name of Recipient: MegaDisc Store
Email address of Recipient:

You may also choose your own question and answer for further security but please communicate the particulars to us. Please also include your order number in the comments section of the transfer details when you are making a payment.

3. You will receive confirmation from your bank that the EMT was transmitted successfully and accepted as well as an email from them. They will charge you a small fee for using this service.

4. We will collect your transfer and mail your order the same or next business day.

How it works:


PayPal payment is integrated right into the store!

During the checkout process, the site will send you to the PayPal site where all you have to do is login, send the payment. Once you are done you will be redirected back to our site to complete your order. Make sure that you click 'Confirm' so we can process your order!

If you want pay by Paypal separately, just log in your Paypal account and pay to:
Please note that your shipping address needs to match your paypal billing address to avoid delays and possible cancellation of your order.

All currencies are in Canadian Dollars!